Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sade with John Legend at Frank Erwin

Well Austin, you should expect a spike in birth rates around June/July 2012 because tonight, the legendary, Sade will be performing at the Frank Erwin Center with John Legend playing the opening slot and somebody's gonna get pregnant. If you sit through a full Sade set and you don't want to have sex, you should probably talk to your doctor. She is a sultry siren who has inspired baby-making for several decades and I, for one, can't believe I am going to see her perform tonight. It's a feeling I'm provided with quite frequently in Austin, when I'm watching a performer or taking part in an experience that I just never really fathomed. In all my years listening to Sade I never, truly, thought I would ever have the chance to see her perform. I suppose I assumed that ship had sailed long ago but from all of the reports I've read regarding previous performances from her current tour, not only is Sade still performing but she is performing in top form with outstanding visuals and one of the best touring bands in the business.

I know it's not as inexpensive as most of the shows I write about, nor is it obscure or indie but I highly encourage you to get yourself some tickets for tonight's show. However, keep in mind the high risk of pregnancy and be sure to take appropriate measures.

Sade - Soldier of Love video via YouTube

John Legend's latest LP, is his collaboration with The Roots, Wake Up!, which has a protest-music vibe but something tells me he'll be featuring more of his silky, crooner songs than his angry, let's make a difference jams. No matter what songs he performs, he'll be performing them handsomely with buttery vocals and beautiful piano-playing and that's all I ask of him. The show starts at 7:30 tonight so make sure you're there by 7:15 if you want to catch all of John Legend's set. Last time he was in town he was performing in the wee hours of the morning inside an abandon power plant, accompanying Kanye West during SXSW. Something tells me we won't be hearing J.L. singing "bitch" or "motherfucker" (for short) tonight.

Kanye West with John Legend - The Blame Game video via YouTube