Friday, September 9, 2011

ACL Festival Preview: The Belle Brigade

I think most people would agree that no one can harmonize quite like siblings. Ok, maybe cousins can harmonize well too or parents and children but you get my point. How about this, DNA harmonizing is the best harmonizing! Actually, that sounds kind of incesty, stick with my opening line. No one can harmonize quite like siblings and siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska of The Belle Brigade will prove me right during their set at the Austin City Limits Festival.

My Mom used to say, "Hang out with lice and get lousy." I feel the converse logic to be true as well and after touring with K.D. Lang, The Belle Brigade got fucking awesome. They were already bad-ass L.A. musicians but when you are touring with the likes of K.D. Lang, you can't help but pick-up on some of the things that make a fantastic career performer.

Is this post going off the rails? I just want to express to you, that I enjoy The Belle Brigade. If you're a fan of Fleetwood Mac multiplied by Jenny Lewis divided by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros then you'll like them too. If you want to catch their set at ACL Festival, be at the Honda stage by 1:15p on Saturday. Otherwise you can catch them on tour this autumn with Blitzen Trapper and Dawes.

The Belle Brigade - Losers video via YouTube

You should be able to grab The Belle Brigade's eponymous album on-site in the Waterloo Records tent but it's out now if you want to give it a listen before you seem them perform.

The Belle Brigade - Where Not To Look For Freedom video via YouTube