Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Japandroids Play the 'Hawk

With Austin City Limits Festival approaching so quickly, I almost neglected tomorrow night's Japandroids show at the Mohawk. This Canadian duo pump out some serious, gritty rock and the inside stage at the 'Hawk would be a great place for you to check it out. The last time I caught them was at Emo's outside stage and they were, pretty much, bleeding rock 'n roll by the time their set was over. Their latest full-length release, No Singles is actually a compilation of 2 EPs but I would expect them to play lots of stuff you've never heard before tomorrow night. I'm not certain, but I'm willing to bet they are road-testing new songs and we'll be hearing a new LP in the very near future. If you want to check out the show, you can still grab some tickets but I wouldn't be surprised if this show sold-out before the doors open. As I mentioned, tomorrow night's Japandroids show is taking place on the inside stage, which means it will start and end late, so if you have to get to the office early Friday morning, you should probably lay the groundwork now for calling in sick. What? Who said that? That's wrong!

Japandroids - Younger Us video via YouTube

The official listing for tomorrow night's show say that things kick off at 9pm but I HIGHLY doubt anyone will start performing before 10 or 10:30. Mississippi rockers, Bass Drum of Death will be opening for Japandroids playing jams from their album, GB City, which came out in April. Something tells me, we'll have several chances to catch Bass Drum of Death in Austin in the upcoming months. Might as well get in on the ground floor and see their performance tomorrow night so you can out hipster people at their NEXT Austin show.

Bass Drum of Death - Get Found video via YouTube