Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Annual FFF Water Olympics

Well kiddos, there are a few festivals hitting Austin before November's FunFunFun Fest but that doesn't mean you can't have a little FunFunFun this weekend. Those little dickens over at Transmission Entertainment have created their 1st annual Water Olympics event, happening this Sunday at the Fiesta Gardens of Zilker Park. This year, is the first FunFunFun Fest to take place lakeside at Auditorium Shores so Transmission is focusing on water-sports. Not, necessarily, peeing on people for sexual pleasure but more like stand-up paddling and stuff like that. Even if being outdoors and "enjoying" the water isn't your cup of tea there will be food, booze and music and it all goes down this Sunday starting at noon. Also, if you ARE someone who is down with competition you COULD win yourself some tickets to Fun Fun Fun at this weekend's Water Olympics. Which, incidentally, is just one of several opportunities you'll have to win a free pass to the fest. Keep an eye on the FFF Twitter, F*c*book and blog to stay apprised of other contest opportunities. Or fuck luck and go big with a PIP Pass that you actually pay for.

By the way, have I mentioned how effing excited I am to see M83 at FunFunFun Fest this year?

M83 - Run Into Flowers video via YouTube

Here's the full run-down on the 1st Annual FFF Water Olympics including info on how you can train for the events with professionals, thus upping your chances of crushing some hipster-beardos in the water on Sunday.

When:Sunday, September 11th

12noon – 6pm @ Fiesta Gardens (Austin, Texas)

Registration and Opening Ceremonies @ 12pm

Games Begin: @ 2pm


  • Tug of War Across the Lake
  • Paddleboard Jousting
  • Paddleboard High Kick Competition
  • Paddleboard Freestyle Competitoin
  • Canoe Jousting
  • Canoe / Paddleboard / Kayak Relay

Canoe Jousting Compilation - Put This on Mute the Music is Wretched as Fuck video via YouTube

The Austin Facial Hair Club will be providing food.

Brought to you by: The Expedition School, The Austin Chronicle, & The Austin Facial Hair Club

If you might want to train for this, the folks at FFF are hooking you up with a place to train! Go to The Expedition School - to set up your SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) session and/or lesson(s) to train!

The Expedition School's Hours of Operation: 6am - 10pm

FFF Discount: $30 for 2 hour lesson $17 for 2 hour session on the water Groups welcome! Call The Expedition School direct w/ questions!

FFF Water Olympics Special runs Sept 5th - 10th.