Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dodos at Antone's

Holy crap, why the eff isn't The Dodos' show at Antone's sold-out yet?!?! I hope you haven't slept on the latest LP, No Color from The Dodos, it's 40 minutes of pulse-quickening bliss. I've enjoyed everything they've released but this latest LP is just pure magic. They have taken the energy of their live sets and managed to commit to to "tape". The melodies are on-point as usual but it's the truly innovative interplay between the guitar and percussion that make it a marvel. In other words, Austin you better snatch up these Dodos tickets before they're gone, and if this show doesn't sell-out before the doors open tomorrow I'm going to be very disappointed in you! The tickets are only $13, which is a bargain if you ask me, and don't forget the sound at Antone's is great and their speaker stacks are suspended from the ceiling giving you better lines of site than you have at most venues.

The Dodos - Black Night video via YouTube

Starting things off tomorrow night at Antone's will be The Luyas. They have been touring with some great indie and indie-minded artists in the last year or so, including Blonde Redhead as well as, bloggy-favs, Ra Ra Riot. Make sure you arrive early enough to catch their support set because this blogger predicts it's only going to take one or two more promotional cycles before The Luyas are no longer the support act. Their album, Too Beautiful To Work has lots of gems and is, certainly, worth a listen or ten. Check out their, recent, Daytrotter session for a preview of their live set.

The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work video via YouTube