Monday, October 17, 2011

Washed Out at the Mohawk

To be honest, I really can't believe tonight is the Washed Out show at the Mohawk. Maybe it's just me but I feel like once you're not in school any more time just goes by so much faster. It's like, damn landlord I JUST paid my rent and now you want it again. Shooooowwwt! I know, it's a Monday night but you should really see Washed Out tonight. I have to work tomorrow, you have to work tomorrow but Washed Out and the bartenders at the Mohawk have to work tonight and if we're not there, it's all for not. As of this moment you can still get tickets to tonight's show but I have a feeling that won't be true by dinner-time tonight. If you're worried about waking up early tomorrow, don't sweat it. Tonight's show is on the outside stage so you can catch a full set and still watch the 10 o'clock evening news in your fucking jammies.

Washed Out - Amor Fati video via YouTube

Washed Out's newest album, Within and Without is effing glorious. The packaging is beautiful and the songs are the perfect blend of woozy-disaffectedness and personal introspection. If you heard it blaring from some rolled-down car windows this summer in Austin, that was probably me. Without a doubt, the lead-single, Eyes Be Closed is one of the greatest singles of 2011.

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed video via YouTube

Austin band, Sleep ∞ Over are playing the support slot for Washed Out tonight so make sure you arrive early to support your local-scene. Make sure you bring some cash for the merch table too. Even though Sleep ∞ Over is local it's hard to find their LPs and EPs and the local record shops. Who knows, maybe they'll even have a few copies of their limited-release debut cassettes?

Sleep Over - Casual Diamond video via YouTube