Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talib Kweli w/Full Band

I'm not here to tell you what to do but if you don't go to the Talib Kweli show at the Mohawk you're fucking grounded! Talib Kweli has been making some of the best hip-hop to hit your ears for 2 decades now and no one can deliver a well-thought-out verse better. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at Emo's now defunct outside stage a few years ago while he was on tour with Nas and he does not disappoint. I am quite picky when it comes to hip-hop, I feel like the sound is always poorly mixed and most of the emcees out there rap like they're trying to eat the microphone making the lyrics incomprehensible. Rest assured, Talib Kweli knows how to handle a mic, you'll hear what he is saying (provided you can STFU long enough to listen) and seeing him perform with a live band will be a unique and highly-enjoyable experience. You can grab yourself a ticket to see Talib Kweli at the Mohawk BUT if you act fast you also have the option to buy a combo ticket. The latter option will get you in to see Talib Kweli AND you can also catch The Game at Emo's with a single purchase.

Talib Kweli - Get By video via YouTube

I didn't mention this above the break but the single ticket for Talib Kweli is $20 and the combo ticket for both The Game and Talib is $30 and there are only 50 of those combo tickets available. So, if you're a fan of hip-hop that's quite the deal. Hopefully these shows aren't news to you at all though since you're already caught up on all of the goings-on over at Knuckle Rumbler HQ.

Talib Kweli - Hot Thing/In The Mood video via YouTube