Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Miss the Opening Act: Carter Tanton

Alright y'all, I am late to the party on The War on Drugs I pre-judged them based on their name and assumed they were a metal band. Guess what? They're totally NOT a metal band. In fact, they fit neatly in the indie-rock box that I enjoy listening to. It's not in my favorite box, indie-pop, but they have some great songwriting and an overall interesting and pleasant sound. They will be at Emo's original Red River location tonight in support of their latest LP, Slave Ambient, which has already received high critical praise. I whole-heartedly endorse the new LP and encourage you to grab some tickets for tonight's show.

The War on Drugs - Baby Missiles video via YouTube

As the title of this post implies, I'm also interested in tonight's show for the opening act, Carter Tanton. Doors open at 9p tonight, so you'll have to be there shortly after to catch Carter Tanton's set. He is signed to, local label, Western Vinyl, which has never steered me wrong. Seriously, I can't think of anything released on Western Vinyl that I am not a fan of. Tanton is touring in support of his album, Freeclouds, which features straight-ahead song structures as well as more abstract sound pictures. All in all, it's a great listen and the live show promises to be pretty fantastic. Carter Tanton is also a member of the band Lower Dens and was a member of the band, Tulsa as well, so if you're familiar with and enjoy any of those acts make sure you arrive at Emo's early tonight.

Carter Tanton - Murderous Joy video via YouTube