Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Canon Blue

I keep saying that FunFunFun Fest is like a beautiful hybrid of SXSW and ACL Festival. It's all of the up-and-coming artists you have to hunt down during SXSW with the convenience of a centralized location via ACL. Sure, there are lots of artists playing Fun Fest, with whom you are already familiar. Hell, there are even artists whom I am sure you have seen perform in the past but if you comb through the schedule you will find lots of names that aren't as familiar right now but probably will be in the future. One of these names that didn't pop out at me until I was making my Spotify playlists was Canon Blue. After doing a bit of research I discovered why the sound of Canon Blue was so appealing to me. He has ties with loads of artitsts that I love. Canon Blue's album, Rumspringa was written while on the road touring with Efterklang and he even traveled to Iceland to record string parts with Amina. In other words, homeboy is down with some seriously gorgeous music and he makes some seriously gorgeous music himself.

Canon Blue - Bows & Arrows (Vegas) video via YouTube

In order to catch Canon Blue at FunFunFun Fest you'll have to arrive early on day 1, as he is scheduled to take to the Orange stage at 1:05pm. If you're reading this from outside of Austin and you're not planning to go to Fun Fest, what the fuck is your problem? No, but seriously you should check Canon Blue's tour page as they may be heading your way. If you're reading this from Austin and you still don't have tickets to Fun Fest this year then you are really going to be missing out. Not only is the festival itself totally bad-ass this year but did you see the line-up for the after-shows? Do you know those are free if you go to the festival itself? That's a pretty spectacular idea if you ask me.

Canon Blue - A Native (Madison) video via YouTube

Speaking of spectacular ideas, for those of you carrying iPhones around the clever-cats over at the Fun Fest HQ released a fancy new app that even has, a much-anticipated, taco-locator. You can snag it at the App Store. Android users, like myself, can fuck off and die. #bummer