Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hank III at Emo's Tonight

As I mentioned yesterday, in this week leading up to ACL Festival I'm encouraging you to see a show every night. It will help build your stamina and drinking tolerance for this weekends fest in Zilker Park. Tonight, I have TWO show suggestions for you, one of them is sold-out so if you don't already have tickets to see Bon Iver at the Long Center then you should probably just focus on Hank III. Firstly, may I saw I love that Hank III doesn't even use his surname, if you don't know it's Hank Williams III then you MIGHT live under a rock. He has carried on the family tradition of rebel country, straying far from the, somewhat, pop-country hits of his father and singing tunes that are more akin to the drunken, murder ballads of his grandfather. Hank III has released FOUR LPs this year, including a double album. I know that, at least, one of these is not really sanctioned by Hank. Hillbilly Joker was released after Hank III departed from his former label, which sat on the record for 8 years. The other three LPs are all out on Megaforce Records, a label known for its punk, metal and hardcore bands. This should give you an idea of what to expect from at tonight's show at Emo's. As of this moment, you can still get yourself some tickets but something tells me it might sell-out, so don't expect to be able to just pay at the door tonight.

Hank III - False Hearted Lovers Blues video via YouTube

Back to the Bon Iver show for a minute, hopefully even if I don't go to the show myself I'll have a photographer in the pit for the first three songs so come back tomorrow for some great beardo porn. Also, if you haven't heard Kathleen Edwards, you should check her out. She's opening for Bon Iver tonight and I expect she'll be back through Austin sometime in the near future. Her last album came out in 2008, which makes me think she has something new on the horizon and you can expect to hear lots of new tunes if you're catching tonight's show. Here's a song from to give you an idea.

Kathleen Edwards - The Cheapest Key video via YouTube