Monday, September 12, 2011

Deleted Scenes Play the Mohawk

Well folks, ACL Festival week is officially upon us. There will be Austin City Limits Television tapings, ACL Festival pre-shows and after-shows, not to mention all of the events intended as alternatives or distractions from the festival. May I suggest you make it a full week of checking out live music by hitting the Mohawk's inside stage tonight? D.C.-area band, Deleted Scenes is in town and they want to play in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the 'Hawk this evening. Their latest LP, is called Young People's Church Of The Air and has been out since Tuesday, why the fuck haven't you bought it yet? Seriously it's been 6 whole days now, get on it already! No, really though, if you DO want to buy the album you should just hit the Mohawk tonight, you can buy it on CD or Vinyl and probably get it signed or a picture of you, with the band, holding the album. Maybe you could bring your dog and you could get a photo of the band with your dog and the album, it'll be great, Kodak moments for everyone! Tickets for tonight's show are not available for pre-purchase but the cover at the door will only be $6 so you should still be able to go out the rest of the week and buy yourself some Mighty Cone at Zilker this weekend. If you're under 21 the cover tonight will be $8 but chances are you're not reading this if you're under 21.

Deleted Scenes - Bedbedbedbedbed video via YouTube

As I mentioned, tonight's show at the Mohawk is on the inside stage, which generally means it'll be going until, somewhat, close to last call. You should arrive by 10pm if you want to catch all of the artist's sets but chances are the last set of the night will be played by 1am(ish). In addition to Deleted Scenes, Royal Forest (formerly Loxsly) will be on the bill tonight, along with Haunted Amps.

Royal Forest - Civilwarland video via YouTube

Oh, by the way, if you want to download some FREE music from Deleted Scenes you can check out their Bandcamp page linked above the break or our friends over at Side One Track One posted some Mp3's for you to sample in their post featuring Deleted Scenes. That should show you how cool this show is, when several Austin bloggers are encouraging you to check out Deleted Scenes you know it's gonna be worth your $6.