Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ACL Festival Preview: Fool's Gold

I fell in love with Fool's Gold at SXSW 2010 . In fact, I loved their live show so much that in a week when the city is flooded with thousands of bands, I actually (intentionally) watched them twice. The band is based in L.A. but, definitely, has a world sound. They recently released their second full-length LP via IAMSOUND Records and you can stream the whole thing on the KCRW site. If I had to pin down their sound, I would say it's kind of like jam music with African rhythms but now that I read that, it sounds like the most terrible thing ever. Trust me, the music is NOT terrible and it will have you dancing.

Fool's Gold play ACL Festival at 2:30pm on Friday, you'll find them at the Austin Ventures stage, across from all of the food. They do play at the same time as Delta Spirit whom I ALSO love but it shouldn't be too tough to catch songs from both acts at that time of day.

Fool's Gold - Wild Window video via YouTube

I've been listening to the new LP from Fool's Gold while I write and you can tell they have been influenced by their life performances. The songs are so much catchier, dancier and generally more accessible than the first album. I liked the first record a lot but that enjoyment was largely based on having seen them perform live. This new record does a much better job of capturing the live energy of the band. I'm looking forward to their set on Friday even more now that I've heard this new material. See you at the Austin Ventures stage at 2:30pm!

In the meantime, here's a song from the first LP to tide you over:

Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel video via YouTube