Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ACL Festival Preview: We Are Augustines

In addition to being a place where you can see some of your favorite artists, ACL Festival is also a place for you to discover artists whom you might not be familiar with yet. So far I've featured artists with, somewhat, higher profiles but today I want to highlight a band who you may not have heard of yet. They are based in NYC and they are called We Are Augustines, featuring former-members of the former-band Pela. The latest LP from We Are Augustines is called Rise Ye Sunken Ships and it is full of beautifully-written, deeply personal songs but it's not precious, delicate or twee. It's raw, emotional and powerful. If you're a Spotify user, I highly-encourage you to give it a listen and decide for yourself. If you DO want to check out We Are Augustines at ACL Festival they are playing Sunday afternoon, you can STILL get single-day tickets for the Sunday of the fest. Are you ready for the unfortunate part? The band takes to the BMI stage at 6:30pm, which happens to be the same time that Fleet Foxes and Manu Chao go on.

We Are Augustines - Chapel Song video via YouTube

I've seen Fleet Foxes and Manu Chao perform in the past and they are both great acts to see HOWEVER, Fleet Foxes quiet aesthetic is not ideal for a festival setting and Manu Chao jams out all of his songs to be about 10 minutes long and it get SERIOUSLY monotonous, so now you have an alternative. Head over to the BMI stage and catch We Are Augustines at 6:30pm the Sunday of ACL Festival.