Friday, April 8, 2011

Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Twin Shadow at Emo's

I know a lot of you are trying to avoid downtown this weekend due to the Texas Relays but if you let that stop you from seeing The Pains of Being Pure at Heart tomorrow night at Emo's I'm going to be very disappointed in you. Trust me, I understand where you're coming from, I don't like to be downtown on Halloween, or New Year's or any other time where there are lots and lots of drunk people milling about. Sure, parking is going to be a bigger pain in the ass than it already is and you're going to have to wade through seas of people just to get to Emo's but hearing the newest tunes from Pains will make it all worth it. Mr. S. is so in love with the new record, Belong, he actually wants to have a polygamist, gay-marriage with me and the LP. I say, let's take it one step at a time Mr. S. there aren't many states that will allow two men to marry let alone two men and a record. In any case, if you want to join me and Mr. S. at Emo's tomorrow night whilst we swoon over the new songs from Belong, I suggest you grab yourself a ticket while they're still available. The tickets themselves are only $12, so you should have enough to buy the new LP from the merch table at the show. Just sayin'.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak video via YouTube

Even if The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were playing without an opening act I would suggest you attend this show but the fact that they are touring with Twin Shadow makes this show unmissable. I have been a champion of the Twin Shadow record, Forget, since before it came out and Saturday night will actually be my fourth time seeing them perform. That's right BEFORE it came out and FOURTH time I totally out hipstered you right there. I can tell you that Twin Shadow put on a great performance and their synthy, dark-80's vibe will play perfectly on Emo's outside stage. I feel like if you're a regular reader of this site there really isn't too much more I can say about Twin Shadow so I'll just say they are definitely Bloggy-Approved and leave it at that. Oh, and if you're not a regular reader of this site,

"Hi. Thanks for popping over."

Twin Shadow - Castles in the Snow video via YouTube

For the record, I have also seen The Pains of Being Pure at Heart perform before, on Emo's inside stage and they are also excellent performers. Their set will be filled with energy and will make you want to pogo until the balls of your feet are bleeding in your Chuck Taylors. How's that for some beautiful imagery?