Monday, April 11, 2011

Marina and the Diamonds Play Antone's Tonight

Marina and the Diamonds could never get away with playing a venue as small as Antone's in Europe. Although Antone's is one of Austin's bigger clubs, the fact that we Austinites have the opportunity to see Marina in such an intimate venue is a blessing. With 3 EP's and 1 LP under her belt Marina and the Diamonds are quite successful over-seas while here in the states they (she) are still building a reputation. Katy Perry chose Marina as a support act for a section of her recent U.S. tour but trust me she has way more indie-cred than Katy Perry. Her music has been compared to Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Britney Spears. How many artists can claim musical references as diverse as that. Citing Daniel Johnston as one of her greatest songwriting influences I'm sure Marina will put on a fantastic show here in his adopted-hometown. Tickets are still available and will only set you back $15. Not only that, but there is no opening act listed and the doors open at 8pm, which leads me to believe that this show will be done early for those of us who work early tomorrow.

Marina and the Diamonds - Shampain video via YouTube

I'm curious to see what sort of band Marina tours with, this show could be very intimate with lots of stripped-down piano songs, showcasing her voice but it could also feature lots of keyboards, drum-machines and dancing. Oh, and for the record The Diamonds are not Marina's backing band. You (me) are the diamonds. Marina's last name is Greek for diamonds and she just liked the idea of Marina and the Diamonds but it doesn't refer to a specific set of musicians. It's how she refers to her fans. So, simply by attending the show tonight you'll be a diamond. Gotta love that.

Marina and the Diamonds - Mogwli Road video via YouTube