Monday, April 4, 2011

Papercuts Play Emo's

The only genre I like more than indie-pop is sad-tinged-indie-pop. That's right, I said sad-tinged! So, what? If you, also, enjoy some sad-tinged-indie-pop then you should join me in enjoying San Francisco band, Papercuts as they grace Emo's inside stage tomorrow night. Their third album is their first for Sub Pop, so they're about 3 degrees from Dave Grohl. Tickets will set you back $10 but will earn you loads of street-cred when next year your friends are all like,

"Hey have you heard of this band, Papercuts?"

and you're like

"Bro, I saw them play Emo's INSIDE back when you were listening to Rebecca Black! In fact, now that you know about Papercuts I can't like them anymore, thanks alot!"

That's pretty much, verbatim, how it will go down and your hipster-street-cred will sky-rocket and you can trade that shit in for some new mustache wax!

Papercuts - Do What You Will video via YouTube

Starting things out tomorrow night, will be Banjo or Freakout whose self-titled album is out now via Memphis-Industries. The band is based in London and their PR info refers to their music as shoegaze-pop, which makes me wonder what drugs are best to take when listening to them? I'm leaning towards some sort of dis-associative but will probably just stick to Lone Star. You should probably just stay away from drugs and alcohol altogether so you can, like, totally stay in the moment.

Banjo Or Freakout - Upside Down video via YouTube