Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Books/Wire Friday Night

Like most weekend nights here in Austin, there are (at least) TWO excellent shows to check out tomorrow night. The first one I want to mention is happening at Central Presbyterian Church, which is always a great place to see a show, The Books will be performing. If you want to get tickets, you should do so today while they're $15 as opposed to tomorrow when they'll be $18. The Books are a duo from New York City who have been performing together since 1999. Their music has been described as "folktronica", which kind of makes me want to throw-up. Not the music itself just that word, "folktronica", sadly it's a pretty apt description. The two of them play guitar and cello with electronic beats and textures added, I feel like Central Presbyterian Church will be the perfect place to enjoy their music. The Books' latest release is their first in 5 years, it's called The Way Out and is a 50 minute sound-collage of beautiful folk-inspired electronic music. If you haven't heard it yet, it's definitely worth checking out either in-person tomorrow, or here.

The Books - A Cold Freezin' Night video via YouTube

So, while The Books are holding things down at the church, there will be a completely different kind of worship service over at the Mohawk. Seminal English post-punk band, Wire will be schooling a packed house tomorrow night. While the band has been around since 1976 and influenced/inspired a whole bevy of bands, they are actually touring behind an album that came out THIS year. Don't worry though, chances are they will still play the old songs you want them to play but they'll also be tearing through a lot of the tracks from Red Barked Tree. If you ask me, that's not really a bad thing. Old or new Wire just writes and performs some really kick-ass songs. For some reason, tickets to see Wire are still available but you can bet they won't be much longer. So, if this is your first time hearing about the show and you want to go click that effing link NOW! If you're reading this and you've never heard of Wire, trust me, the bands you listen to HAVE heard of Wire and would be making completely different music if Wire never existed. That's some metaphysical shit right there.

Wire - Adapt video via YouTube