Monday, March 14, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview LOCALS ONLY: Zlam Dunk

I'll admit when I first started hearing about this band,Zlam Dunk. First there's the issue of their name, as a gay, indie-rock lovin' music blogger I do not find the sports reference appealing. Then, I looked up their bio info and it said they were from San Marcos. While I have no specific issues with San Marcos it just made me wish they had just said they were from Austin. In fact when I finally met members of Zlam Dunk in real life I specifically mentioned that fact and I believe they have amended their bio information to say they are from San Marcos/Austin, which is a step in the right direction. It wasn't until I saw the band's high-energy performance opening up for Fang Island at Emo's in the spring that I finally drank the Zlam Dunk Kool-Aid. They meld genres, they jump around, they engage the audience and basically create an atmosphere where a fun-time is had by all. No matter what setting you see them perform in, you will feel like you are at a really fun, rowdy house-party. I find this a totally appealing atmosphere for a band to create and I simply enjoy any band who can create atmosphere through their performance. It is for all of these, relatively vague, reasons that I implore you out-of-towners to see AUSTIN's Zlam Dunk during SXSW. Also, check out my personal blogging authority for LOCAL Austin music 'Nites Blog. They're the ones who shot the video below.

Zlam Dunk - Vice video via YouTube

Sp, party people you'll have a few unofficial and one official chance to see Zlam Dunk at SXSW and here they are:

Here's another great video, courtesy of 'Nites Blog. You should check out his YouTube channel if you want a schooling on Austin bands.

Zlam Dunk - Scum video via YouTube