Monday, March 14, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview LOCALS ONLY: Oh No Oh My

I have loved Oh No Oh My ever since they were called Oh No! Oh My!. I feel like they don't play here in Austin enough and that they should be way more famous by now. Their music is so pleasant, so full of indie-pop goodness that I'm just surprised they don't have a lot more buzz. They have a new album, which they just toured Europe to support and they are back on Texas soil in time for SXSW. They are only playing a few times but you should make an effort to see them, even if you're a local. Pretty much, I'm a sucker for some good keyboard sounds, and harmonies, mix all of that with jangly rhythm and vests and I'm sold!

Oh No Oh My - Live at the Ghost Room video via YouTube

It looks like the first place you can see Oh No Oh My is Opal Divine's Freehouse for the Pigeon Publicity presents Pigeon's Posse party. They're scheduled to hit the stage at 3:15pm on Wednesday for that set.

Their show listing on the official site gets a bit jumbled, so it's kind of hard to tell but it from other sources it looks like Oh No Oh My's next gig is their official showcase at Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Friday night.

After that you can catch them at another free day party on Saturday. This one is happening at Ghost Room for the New Granada day party. They're scheduled for a 4:30pm set time at this event.

According to Oh No Oh My's F*c*book page, these are all of their SXSW shows but who knows maybe they'll add more?

Oh No Oh My - Another Tune From the Ghost Room video via YouTube