Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: Chapter 24

It's pretty rare when a band emails me directly soliciting coverage and I actually like them. This was the case when "Gemma Partridge", from Chapter 24 sent me an email with a four song EP attached. The band is from London and this SXSW trip will be the band's first visit to the United States. Their sound is raw, bratty, rock 'n roll and let me tell you no one does bratty like the English. I mean, American valley girls may have invented bratty but the English really own it. NME compared Chapter 24 to The Slits but I, personally, have no frame of reference for that comparison. They reminded me of Johnny Foreigner, who I saw at La Zona Rosa and I wholly approve. You won't have a ton of chances to catch Chapter 24 here in Austin but they are playing showcases both official and unofficial.

Chapter 24 - Blisland to Cry video via YouTube

Your first chance to see Chapter 24 is a free, unofficial showcase way up at the Spiderhouse Cafe. This venue is north of downtown near UT, which has its pluses and minuses. The event they're playing is, AnSo SXSW Day Party and they play stage #1. The party starts at noon and ends at 10pm and to be honest, I have no idea when exactly Chapter 24 is scheduled to take the stage.

The next time the band plays is their official SXSW showcase at Habana Bar, east of Emo's on 6th street. They take the stage for their official showcase at 10pm and even if you don't have a badge or wristband, you should be able to buy a ticket to this showcase if you wish.

As of this moment, it looks like your third and final chance to see Chapter 24 play will be Friday, the 18th at Waterloo Cycles for a free day party. They take the stage at 2:30 for this show. However, I have on pretty good authority that if you need a band for your gig, they will totally play at the last minute. If I had better connections, I would love to book them to play some event but alas I do not. Le sigh.

In any case, even if you can't catch Chapter 24 in Austin you should at least check out their music on their website and see if they are coming to your town. I normally post 2 videos in these previews but I'm quite certain the one above the break is the only one there. That's ok with me though, because it's my favorite song on the EP!