Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview LOCALS ONLY: Ume

I love Ume so much I don't even care that I featured them last year as well. I'm not the only one who feels they are a band to watch, in fact they are in a contest RIGHT now sponsored by Rolling Stone that COULD land them on the cover. As far as I'm concerned they should have been on the cover after they melted everyone's faces at previous SXSWfestivals but I'm just a lowly blogger, what know I? Since I did feature Ume last year and to be honest I'm pretty much over these preview posts, I'm just going to get to the meat and potatoes of the matter. But don't misconstrue my haste and laziness for a lack of love for Ume THAT remains in tact!

Ume - Octopus Hands video via YouTube

The sound on my Ume videos kind of sucks so I'm also going to include this OFFICIAL video so you can hear their music better:

Ume - The Conductor video via YouTube

Your first chance to see Ume is actually TONIGHT!! So, as soon as you finish reading this you should head downtown. Well, maybe not that soon but the show starts at 7pm tonight, so plan well. It's the End Sounds Fourth Annual Pre-SXSW Party/Show happening at Red 7 and the whole thing kicks off at 7.

On Wednesday Ume is scheduled to play Lustre Pearl for the The San Diego Hoe-Down 2011. I'm not sure, precisely, when they go on but the party is from noon to six.

Thursday night Ume plays a very high profile gig at Austin Music Hall. If you get there before 8pm it's free, after that it requires a badge or wristband, which I find kind of odd. It's the Village Voice Media presents Showdown at SXSW 2011 event and Ume share the bill with the likes of, Wu-Tang Clan, Fishbone, and Yelawolf.

Friday night Ume plays my favorite, off-the-grid dive/bear/gay bar. It's called the Chain Drive and my boyfriend is afraid to go there but they have cheap drinks and great bands during SXSW (especially). This particular party features two other bloggy-fav local bands, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and Transmography. So, if you want to see some great Austin music away from the hub-bub of downtown this would be a great way to spend your Friday night.

Saturday night is Ume's official SXSW showcase at Skinny's Ballroom, they take the stage at midnight Saturday (AKA early Sunday morning).

If you're not sick of live music by Sunday, the 20th you have one final chance to see Ume. This show is going on in my beloved 78704 zip code at Jo's Coffee. Just typing that made me want to go get some. Anyway, Ume is the final band and they go on at 7pm.

This last video I'm posting is from SXSW 2010 and at that time this song didn't have a name so I named it Austin Bloggy Limits. Obviously, I hope the band adopts this moniker but somehow I'm guessing it has an official title by now.

Ume - Austin Bloggy Limits video via YouTube