Friday, February 11, 2011

Wiretree with Future Clouds at Stubb's

Holy cow! Local power-pop band Wiretree is playing Stubb's amphitheater!?! Actually, that's a lie y'all. Wiretree will be playing Stubb's inside stage tonight but that doesn't mean they won't be playing the amphitheater someday. Their music is straight-ahead, accessible pop-rock that your little brother, your mom and yourself could, would and will enjoy if you give them the chance. They have already taped a Satellite Set at the KLRU studio and they've been creating buzz amongst the local media for awhile now. Tickets for tonight's show will only set you back $7 and as of the writing of this post they are still available. I will warn you though, drinks are crazy expensive at Stubb's so plan accordingly. Also, the smell of the BBQ is amazingly awesome so don't arrive broke, hungry or completely sober.

Wiretree - Days Gone By video via YouTube

Before Wiretree take to the stage tonight you should get there in time to catch Future Clouds and Radar. They have been making waves on the national indie-scene since 2007 but just haven't quite caught fire for some reason. I hate to lump them into the same vague category as Wiretree calling them "power-pop" but really what artist sticks to a genre these days? I think those labels are more useful to the dinosaurs of rock radio, not that you could really hear any local band on any local radio but you get the idea. Doors for tonight's show open at 8p, you can expect Wiretree's set around 11p and Future Clouds, roughly, an hour earlier. Don't forget, it's a Friday night so parking is going to suck and if you're going to get drunk, for the love of all this is holy take the bus or a cab! Have fun out there kids.

Future Clouds and Radar - Dr. No video via YouTube

The above video is, roughly, three years old but I wanted to post it because I love the visuals. The animation was done by, Nickelodeon animator, Keith Graves. This one is, slightly, more recent.

Future Clouds and Radar - The Epcot View video via YouTube