Monday, February 7, 2011

Tristen and Smith Westerns (Separately)

Don't get me wrong, I love that Austin has so many choices for great music on any given night but I hate when there are two artists I really want to see playing at separate venues on the same night. Such is the case tonight. I am a new fan of, Nashville artist, Tristen, but ever since I first heard her LP, Charlatans at the Garden Gate I have been listening to it on repeat. To me it's the perfect blend of Americana, alt-country and indie-pop. Her voice is unique and infectious and the melodies just make you want to sing a long. She'll be back in Austin during SXSW but I am excited to have the chance to see her on the Mohawk's inside stage tonight. The intimacy of the space should suit her sound perfectly. If you'd like to join me tickets will set you back $9 and Tristen goes on at 11pm.

Tristen - Avalanche video via YouTube

Meanwhile a little further south of the 'Hawk on Red River the Smith Westerns will be taking the stage at Emo's inside. The last time I caught them here in town they were opening for Girls at the Parish and they really impressed me. On that tour they were supporting their debut, self-titled LP, which had great songwriting but less-than-great production values. On their latest LP, Dye it Blonde they have enlisted the production help of Chris Coady, whom you might know from his work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beach House. Their songwriting has also matured. Their music is still jangly and makes me want to have an indie-rock Beach Blanket Bingo party but the subject matter has matured and the musicality has become more textured as well. Tickets for Smith Westerns at Emo's will set you back $10 and I'm hoping they don't go on until midnight so I can catch both shows.

Smith Westerns - Weekend video via YouTube

If you are only attending the Emo's show you might be interested in, the much buzzed-about, Yuck who go on around 11pm. Personally I haven't been impressed with what I've heard from Yuck and I think their name is terrible HOWEVER I've often had my mind changed when I see a band perform live. Unfortunately Yuck won't have the chance to change my mind tonight as I'll be at the Mohawk for Tristen at 11pm. Luckily, like Tristen, Yuck will be back in Austin for SXSW and I expect they'll be playing a billion day parties.

Yuck - Holing Out video via YouTube