Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ultra8201 Turns 5!

Generally, turning 5 implies a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's, maybe some Dora the Explorer shit but in Austin we do things a little differently. When our friends over at Ultra8201 turn 5 tomorrow, we'll be getting drunk off our asses and dancing like no one is watching. Although, in reality, everyone will be watching because we'll be so drunk and foolish looking, oh and everyone who has ever had a blog or twitter account in Austin will be at Malverde, so chances are there will be evidence later. Now, I know that the Robyn show is going on tomorrow night too but Malverde is, literally, right next door so you have no excuse for not stopping by after you get your Swedish-pop fix.

The DJ's from Learning Secrets will be providing the tunes, as they do every Thursday night at Malverde and the sexy, hipster bartenders will be providing the drinks (not for free). It's up to you to provide your presence, your swagger and your complete and utter focus on making a fool of yourself.

Chuck E. Cheese - Happy Birthday video via YouTube

This video really has nothing to do with Ultra8201's birthday but I can't NOT include something from Robyn in this post. I just can't y'all!

Robyn - Hang With Me video via YouTube

Happy Birthday Ultra8201!!!!