Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heartless Bastard play 78704

Anyone who has ever read anything I post on Twitter knows that I'm obsessed with the zip code I live in here in Austin, 78704. That's why I was so excited to see that I don't even have to leave South Austin to see Ohio bad-asses Heartless Bastards. They'll be returning to town, playing the legendary, Continental Club. Sure, it's kind of a dad-bar but it's a great dad-bar and I don't have to cross any bridges to get there. Also, I don't have to go anywhere near 6th street AND I can get some Zen sushi. Although, Heartless Bastards don't go on until 12:30a so the whole sushi plan might have to be modified or nixed altogether but you get the idea. I'm not, entirely, sure what the cover charge is going to be but I'm going to guess $10. Also, I don't recommend showing up a few minutes before the set and expecting to get in. The room is not small but it's not too big either and it's popular on any Thursday night so plan to arrive early if you expect to actually get in.

Heartless Bastards - Sway video via YouTube

If for some reason you're not already familiar with Heartless Bastards I recommend hitting-up the WOXY archives and downloading their session from 2006. For that matter explore and download the WOXY loung acts archives in general. Who knows how much longer parent-company Future Sounds can afford to maintain servers and webspace. The world still misses you WOXY! Way to fuck that up Future Sounds!

Heartless Bastards _Nothing Seems the Same video via YouTube

If you get to the Continental Club by 10p tonight (which I would suggest) you can catch local troubadour, Frank Smith bringing his brand of bluesy Americana music to the stage. His latest LP is called Nineteen and is available here for $10. Chances are you can also pick it up at tonight's show as well.

Frank Smith - Put Me in a Hole/Fire Sleepin' video via YouTube