Thursday, January 27, 2011

Transmography Yellow EP

Like myself, my friends over at Transmography have a thing for primary colors. Those of you who know me in real life know that I'm generally rocking 1-3 primary colors at any given point. Don't ask me why, it's just a thing that I do. Well, Transmography is now a 3-piece band so I'm assuming that each member represents a primary color (I made that part up). In any case they have completed 3 EPs and will be releasing them one-at-a-time and each one will be named for/themed with a primary color. Logically, the first one will be the Yellow EP and you can stream it now on their website or you can wait to purchase it at their Beerland show Friday night. Technically what you'll be getting is a download card, which you will exchange later for the music. I don't think they are, necessarily, pressing EP's. Although I'm sure if enough people ask they will kind of have to right? In honor of the release of Yellow the band requests that you wear something yellow and/or bring something yellow like a balloon or a flower or something even more creative.

Transmography - Yellow EP Promo video via YouTube

Transmography - Everything Electricity video via YouTube

Allegedly once all three colors are out the 5th tracks on each EP will sync up to create a full-spectrum of sound but I won't believe that until I hear it. Unfortunately I won't be able to test the validity of the musical-sync until March. Red comes out next month, followed by Blue in March. Stay-tuned for those shows. Hopefully they won't all be at the blogger-hating Beerland but if they are I suppose I'm ok with that, it is where I first met my current boyfriend. Romantic right?

Transmography - I Am More Than the Sum of My Bum video via YouTube