Saturday, January 29, 2011

Awesome Sunday Night Shows?

Well Austin, it's not very often that I write about shows not to be missed occurring on a Sunday night, let alone TWO bad-ass Sunday night shows. Well this week is an exception to that rule. Firstly I wanted to mention that FunFunFun Fest alumni, Sugar and Gold, will be bringing their ridiculously fun synthesizer-enhanced, dirty-dance grooves to the Mohawk. Bring your dancing shoes and leave your inhibitions at home because they'll be pumping out some slinky, syncopated tunes and your ass will be a shakin' before they're done. Tickets will only set you back $7 if you buy in advance and that price gets you Sugar and Gold as well as Yip Deceiver AND Neiliyo. How's that for a bargain?

Sugar and Gold - Bodyaches video via YouTube

Meanwhile back on 6th street Little Dragon will be taking to the Parish room stage to remind us all what a great venue that place is. That's right, remember when they used to get lots of solid bookings and their beautiful sound-system matched with lovely acoustics in an intimate space melted your jaded heart? Well, Sunday will be a pleasant little reminder of what the Parish room is all about and Little Dragon is just the sort of act that space deserves. Vocalist, Yukimi, has many voices and she'll be showing all of them off. For those of you who don't know, or perhaps have forgotten, Little Dragon's vocalist, Yukimi, was featured on the Gorillaz latest LP. She also made an appearance at their Frank Erwin Center show. To put things simply, hipsters prepare to be mesmerized!

Little Dragon - Never Never video via YouTube

Tickets for Little Dragon are only $12 if you buy them before Sunday. After that point they'll be $15. Since this is a Sunday night show, something tells me it won't sell-out but it is possible so I'd click that ticket link A.S.A.P.