Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best Coast and Wavves Return

Seems like it was only November when Best Coast and Wavves were last in Austin, hang on a sec, it WAS only November. Well lucky us, the cutest indie-rock couple since Jenny and Johnny (sorry Jenny and Johnny you're less endearing) are on tour together and they both seem to be better and better each time they come through town. Sure they still get high and get drunk but not so much before they start performing. This means fewer meltdowns from Wavves and fewer pitch-problems from Best Coast, which could be in the plus or minus columns depending.

Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I) video via YouTube

Although Best Coast's latest LP from 2010 didn't make my "Best of" it was certainly a contender. It's roughly 30 minutes of lo-fi(ish) surf-rock(ish) and I approve. The show is to take place on Emo's outside stage so you might want to wear an elaborate scarf to keep warm but the heat from all of those cigarettes should keep you relatively toasty. As of the writing of this post, tickets are not available on the ticketweb site but that doesn't, necessarily, mean the show is sold-out. You should still head down if you're interested, worst-case-scenario it IS sold-out and you head to Barbarella for Tuezgayz. I'm not precisely sure about set-times for Emo's tonight but plan on the whole thing being over around 12:30(ish), neither act is known for particularly long set times.

Wavves - No Hope Kids video via YouTube

Starting things off tomorrow night will be, No Joy. In addition to their opening-set at Emo's tonight you can ALSO catch an in-store performance at Waterloo Records from No Joy, which will happen at 5pm. That Waterloo set, as always, is free of charge but I'd get there at least 30 minutes early if I were you.

No Joy - Heedless video via YouTube