Friday, January 28, 2011

Monotonix return to Austin (again)

I feel like Monotonix spends more time in Austin, than their hometown of Tel Aviv but, seriously, can you blame them? I've never been to Tel Aviv but I seriously doubt their BBQ and Mexican cuisine can compete with Austin's. Although I bet their hummus is WAAAAYYY better. In any case, if you have never experienced a Monotonix performance prepare yourself for one of the most insanely unhinged concert experiences of your life. They crowd surf, they stage-dive, they light stuff on fire, they play in the middle of the crowd and all of this happens while the lead singer is climbing all over the rest of the band. The music itself is somewhere between garage-rock and punk but the show itself is a thing of chaotic rock 'n roll majesty that should be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a fan of live music. If you want to be a part of the chaos Saturday night, I suggest you get yourself a $10 ticket and then head on over to ye old Mohawk.

Monotonix - Flesh and Blood video via YouTube

Playing the opening slot tomorrow night will be, bigger in the UK local band, The Strange Boys. For some reason their reverb-soaked, garage-psychedelia translates better to those cider-drinking slags across the pond but that doesn't mean you won't like them. In fact, I enjoy their music immensely and I think you will too. This is an outside show, which GENERALLY means it will be over between midnight and one so if you want to make sure and catch both sets I'd arrive by at least 10pm (possibly earlier).

The Strange Boys - Be Brave video via YouTube