Monday, January 10, 2011

No Age Return to Austin

L.A. "punks", No Age will be returning to Austin in support of their latest, Sub Pop release, Everything in Between. The latest LP, as well as the previous record, Nouns is why I put punk in quotes back there. Sure, these guys are, typically, associated with L.A. punk and that aesthetic is definitely there both sonically and in spirit. However, the last two LPs have veered into indie-rock territory with the band experimenting in sonic textures and bouts of jangliness. Don't worry though, they will still bang out some seriously fast, noise-rock at the Mohawk Tuesday night and if you want to be there to watch the whole thing go down I'd grab some $10 tickets and arrive early enough to post-up in a good spot because this show is gonna melt your face off.

No Age - Glitter video via YouTube

A few interesting little tidbits about tomorrow night's show. In case you didn't notice the date tomorrow is 1/11/11 so there's that. Also, it should be noted that the guys played on a little show called Late Night with David Letterman and in case you missed it, you can watch that performance courtesy of I'd watch it quickly though, chances are CBS will flag that shhh as soon as they notice.

No Age - Fever Dreaming video via YouTube

Opening for No Age tomorrow night will be Rene Hell, which is the latest project from Jeff Witscher. The album is called, Porcelain Opera and could be described as sonic experimentation but you can call it whatever you want as long as you purchase it. You can also listen to it for free by clicking the link at the start of this paragraph or you can listen for $10 at the show tomorrow.

Just a little side-note about the below video, I do not endorse the website it advertises, I just couldn't find any official videos it is simply intended for you to sample Rene Hell's music.

Rene Hell - Iv video via YouTube