Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Week

Each year Austin's free week expands to more venues and features more bands. What started with Emo's has now spread to the whole Red River scene and even the United States Art Authority near campus. I, for one, totally approve. This is the time of year when Austinites get to venture out and discover or re-discover great, local bands for FREE. You can also discover which local bands you don't ever want to see again. I could plan out your Free Week like I attempt to do for SXSW but let's be honest that's way too much work for this blogger. Instead I'm going to point you to the bible for simple, text-based show listings here in town. is truly my favorite resource for finding out who is playing when and where, sorry other, flashier sites but I like to keep it simple.

Here's one band you can catch during Free Week:

The Authors - Never Know video via YouTube

I will list some highlight bands from me to you. This is by no means all of the bands you should check but if you want to go out on night X and band Y is playing you will have time Z:

La Snacks - Kristin Was a Meteorologist video via YouTube

Those are just a few bands I like that you MAY enjoy this week.

Was this the laziest Free Week post you've read so far?