Friday, January 14, 2011

Royal Bangs, Big Freedia, Glit's Anniversary

As I mentioned Wednesday, I really want y'all to come out and celebrate the anniversary of the Glitoris BUT I would be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of other happening Saturday night. I know not all of you are into dance parties with wall-to-wall fun. In fact I bet some of you are hoping to catch some rock and/or roll on Saturday night. It is for those people that I mention one of my favorites from SXSW 2010 is coming back to the very venue where I saw them last March. That's right, the Royal Bangs have made the trip down from Tennessee to rock your faces off on Emo's inside stage Saturday night. There's a couple of opening acts but you're going to be getting happy hour drinks at Barbarella from 10pm-11pm so you're probably going to miss all that. If you do want to catch the Royal Bangs' set tickets will set you back about $8 and I don't have set times but I can bet they go on around 12:30am.

Royal Bangs - Live at Emo's video via YouTube

The other show I want to mention is, also, right down the street from Glitoris' 1-year anniversary bash at Barbarella. Of course, I'm referring to Big Freedia and Kool Keith at the Mohawk. If you didn't catch Big Freedia at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year then I suppose I would find it acceptable for you to sneak down the street to catch her ridiculously fun and borderline-pornographic set at the 'Hawk. In fact if you could kidnap her and her Shake Team and bring 'em on down to Barbarella when they're through with the hipsters I'd appreciate it. Oh, and while you're at the Mohawk for the love of God could you PLEASE shave some scraggly hipster beards? Thanks.

Big Freedia _ Get Back video via YouTube

If you don't know who Kool Keith is by now I really don't think anything I write hear could/would make a difference. He's an MF legend, he's an MF weirdo and he'll play Austin again in a few months, you can miss it. Also, I'm not sure if this is a pro or a con for attendance to the show but Kool Keith will be recording the performance, potentially for a future release.Tickets are still available for this show and will set you back $12. The performances are taking place on the outside stage so dress appropriately.

Kool Keith - Kool Keith presents Tashan Dorrsett (2009) - Documentary (Part 1) video via YouTube