Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh No Oh My Album Release Show

Well kiddies, I'm VERY happy to report that one of my, absolute, favorite local-bands is having an album release party/show tomorrow night and YOU'RE invited! Don't you feel special? Oh No Oh My fill a void in my heart where indie-pop used to go. Remember back in the day before bands wanted to sound shitty and call themselves lo-fi? Yeah, me neither. In any case there are still indie-rock bands that write clever, melodious tunes that you carry in your head and your heart for days after hearing them, Oh No Oh My is one such band.

Oh No Oh My - Live at the Ghost Room video via YouTube

The show will take place at theMohawk on the inside stage, which is nice because I think this bout of chilly weather is supposed to continue. None of the info I have found on the show seems to list how much it will cost to get in but I can tell you that Shiner will be $3? I would guesstimate that the cover will be around $10 but you can't buy tickets in advance and the inside area is small so I'd arrive early. Also, bring enough money to pick up the new CD! After this Friday night show at the 'Hawk, Oh No Oh My head off to Europe for a three month tour so let's make this a home show to remember. (I wish I was heading to Europe for 3 months)

Oh No Oh My - Another Tune from the Ghost Room video via YouTube

The Ugly Beats will be taking the 11:00pm set, right before Oh No Oh My on Friday night with The Laughing starting things off at 10pm. You should catch these other two, great Austin bands as well but if, for some inexcusable reason, you miss them, no worries they're not running off to Europe...yet.

The Laughing - Runner video via YouTube