Monday, November 1, 2010

Jenny and Johnny w/Grandchildren

With a name like Jenny and Johnny you know you're going to hear some twee-indie-pop at Emo's outside stage tomorrow night. For those of you who don't know already, yes I' m talking to you, Jenny is Jenny Lewis and Johnny is Jonathan Rice. They are a couple in real life and in indie-rock life too (which is more surreal). They figured hey, we're always together we might as well write and record some thematically dark yet happy-sounding indie-pop together. Personally, I am of the school that "You don't shit wear you eat". In otherwords don't work with people who you're schtooping but I suppose it's a good way to tour and be with your loved one(s) at the same time. If you think about it, none of this is any of my business, nor does it have to do with their music. I look forward to hearing their stage banter, I expect lots of stinging barbs but maybe they'll be all lovey-dovey. Only time will tell. As of the writing of this post tickets are still available and will set you back a cool $18 at the door or $16 in advance. To be honest I don't see this being a sell-out show, not because they don't deserve it but because it's a Tuesday night and I feel like there are still a lot of hipsters who don't know about this project YET.

Jenny and Johnny - Scissor Run video via YouTube

Opening for Jenny and Johnny tomorrow night will be experimental, electro-pop outfit Grandchildren. To me they sound like they listened to a lot of Brian Wilson on a lot of drugs (as if there's any other way). I'm not sure how many people reproduce the live sound but the LP sounds like a bedroom creation with Pro-Tools, lots of sonic layers and beautiful cough-syrup melodies. If you're a fan of Animal Collective make sure to arrive early enough to catch Grandchildren. Doors for this show open at 9pm, so this tired blogger is hoping it will be an early(ish) show. I'm not a big fan of staying out until 2am on weeknights, I need to get my Bloggy rest y'all.

Grandchildren - Saturn Returns (Runaway Remix) video via YouTube

Also, if it ends before 2, I can jump over to the new Barbarella for Tuezgayz, hosted by the

the Glitoris Presents - Tuezgayz video via YouTube

The address listed in the above video is wrong by 2 numbers, since Barbarella moved. Also, the photos were taken by one of Austin's best party photographers ULoveI. If you know what I look like you can see me in this video for a moment, if you don't then I'm whichever dude you find most attractive. #Dealer'sChoice