Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of Montreal at the East Side Drive-In

I'm calling the Of Montreal show at East Side Drive-In as the first unofficial pre-show of FunFunFunFest. Sure, it is not affiliated with the fest in any manner and isn't even on the same side of town but remember that time Of Montreal was one of the Fun Fest headliners? That was awesome. They did a bad-ass cover of a Prince song but I was too high to remember which one. Oh snap, did I just publish that on the internets? Oh well, if you can tear your hipster-ass away from Shangri-La long enough all you really have to do is cross the street to see Kevin Barnes and Co. do their psychedelic rock-theater thing tomorrow night. Janelle Monae is starting things off and as of the writing of this post you can still purchase tickets for a mere $15. After the show we're all going to get a beer at Cheer-Up Charlies but we're pre-gaming at Shangri La (Obvs).

Of Montreal - Coquet Coquette video via YouTube

For the record, I was totally going to post a video of Of Montreal doing Purple Rain but obviously his purpleness would have sued the shit out of YouTube, Of Montreal, me and possibly you if I had done that. Homeboy is ridiculously proprietary and I may get a cease and desist letter simply by mentioning that there is a cover song in existence. Love you Prince's lawyers. :-)

Anyway, Janelle Monae has some amazing hair and an even more amazing voice. Like, Of Montreal she is based in Georgia and is considered a protege, of sorts, of Big Boi. Coincidentally you can also catch Big Boi at the East Side Drive-In later this year (tickets). In any case, if you haven't heard of J. Monae you should head to tomorrow night's show just to say you saw her when.

Janelle Monae with the Emory University Symphony - BabopbeYa! video via YouTube

I want to include one more music sample for Janelle Monae since the above video is so brief and such a rare performance that doesn't fully-represent her sound.

Janelle Monae - Cold War video via YouTube

This is TOTALLY conjecture but it really wouldn't surprise me if Solange Knowles made an appearance either on-stage or off at this show tomorrow night.