Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Thursday Shows and Events

Yesterday I told you about the We Are Scientsists/Twin Tigers show happening at Emo's, which is my number one pick tonight but it's not the only cool event going on that's fo sho. My friends over at KVRX are hosting a hip-hip dance party at the United States Arts Authority tonight. Doors open at 9p and they'll have two stages, the cover is $5 but for $10 you get into the show AND you get a T-Shirt, so there's that. Also, they'll be doing a costume contest so this might be a good night to try out your first costume of the year. Come on this is Austin, you gots to have at least three Halloween costumes.

If you want to be a little more mainstream you can check out Interpol at Stubb's. Expect lots of chatter from the crowd and mugging from the stage but not much else. If you do feel like spending $35 to go to Stubb's tonight make sure you catch White Rabbits I genuinely enjoy them. For me, Interpol without Carlos D. is much less handsome and just as boring in person as they were when their first LP came out and I saw them in Boston. Das right, I said it. What? PS. It looks like this show is sold-out but there's always scalpers, whom I wouldn't pay more than $20.

White Rabbits - The Plot video via YouTube

If you're looking for a more epic/legendary/I can't believe I'm witnessing this kind of show tonight, I would head on over to the Mohawk for Bad Brains. Personally, Bad Brains is not my thing in the least but I can not deny their importance to music as we know it. I just had a really scary experience smoking pot in a foreign environment with Bad Brains blaring from a stereo, which scarred me for life. That's my bad though, not theirs. Somehow tickets for this show are still available as of the writing of this post but methinks they'll be sold-out before the show itself so don't expect to be able to pay at the door.

Bad Brains - Banned in DC video via YouTube

The last show I'll mention happening tonight is, local favorites, Ghostland Observatory. I enjoy listening to GLO and I know they put on a great live show but I also know that I refuse to support Ticketmaster/LiveNation and that this show is taking place at the Cedar Park Center so if you're attending you're supporting the Ticketmaster corporate machine. You're also driving out to the suburbs to see a band that used to play at muthaphuckin Trophy's. Sure they have lasers now but couldn't those lasers be set up at say La Zona Rosa? I'm sure you can still get tickets to tonight's show but I ain't linking to 'em. Peace! (Gawd I'm such a bitch sometimes)

Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City video via YouTube