Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FunFunFun Fest Official Kick-Off Event(s)

Tomorrow night begins FunFunFun Festivities in an official way. The semi-annual Local Music is Sexy party will have a happy hour hosted by our friends over at Knuckle Rumbler with music starting at 7:30pm. As the name implies you can catch some of Austin's greatest musical talents on both the inside and outside stages of the Mohawk including Bloggy favs TV Torso and Markov. Did I mention that it's also free? For those of you who are not attending FFFFest for financial reasons there will also be opportunities to WIN free tickets to the festival at the party. For a complete list of the bands who you can catch at Local Music is Sexy click the Mohawk link and/or the LMiS link at the top of this paragraph.

TV Torso - Live at the Scoot Inn video via YouTube courtesy of Cindy Royal

If you've got a hankering for a touring act to start off your FunFunFun weekend then you should head over to the Mohawk's neighbors at Club de Ville who will be hosting a corporate party, which is also free featuring the Helio Sequence. All the official press release stuff I've received from Transmission Entertainment has listed this event as being free as well. However, the info I received from the party's corporate sponsor says it's free with RSVP. Something tells me it's free BUT if you RSVP then the booze will be comped as well. Only time will tell.

the Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead video via YouTube

In a note completely unrelated to FFFFest, hot off the heels of their Moog Fest performance you can catch local heroes the Octopus Project for free at Waterloo Records at 5pm tomorrow. They managed to perform with Devo this passed weekend, which I find suspicious considering Devo had to cancel their headlining performance at FFFFest but I presume the dude with glass shards in his hands wasn't performing this passed weekend.

Octopus Project + members of Devo - Girl U Want video via YouTube