Thursday, January 14, 2010

Possible Self-Destruction at Emo's Friday

I may have to leave my zip code for tomorrow night's show at Emo's outside stage. It's a collection of bands I've been planning to see perform live but I still haven't. I did get the latest Lymbic Systym CD at End of an Ear awhile back and I enjoy it, but I want to hear these songs interpreted live. They feel very alive on the album so I'm excited to see if and how they morph. This Will Destroy You is headlining and I've heard good things but haven't listened to their music yet. I can tell you that I really like their name, even though it is, somewhat, difficult to Google. Bands with names like Woods weren't really thinking about bloggers when they came up with their band name. Give me a GD name I can effing Google and I will be a happy Bloggy.

This Will Destroy You - Threads video via YouTube

I don't know about you, but I really liked that song by This Will Destroy You I may be off to End of an Ear after I'm finished writing this. Like I said Lymbyc Systym will play the set before TWDY and they are recommended if you like what you just heard and/or Transmography. Think anthemic, melodic, instrumental music in the same family as Explosions in the Sky but not quite as epic (no offense). Also, note how Systym is spelled oddly THAT is how you make your band more Google-able. Looking at you San Francisco band, Girls!

Lymbyc Systym - Ghost Clock video via YouTube

Friday night's outside stage at Emo's will also feature Sleep Whale, who is on my favorite local label, Western Vinyl. I think we can expect big things from Sleep Whale in 2010 so we should catch them while they're still playing second out of four bands. Me thinks that SXSW 2010 is going to be kind to ole' Sleep Whale but we'll let March decide that. By the way, some of you may have been more familiar with Sleep Whale when they were called, Mom. Try Googleing the band, Mom. The name change was a wise choice Sleep Whale, a very wise choice.

Sleep Whale - Icicles video via YouTube

Free Sleep Whale Mp3's courtesy of Western Vinyl, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Sleep Whale - Cotton Curls

Free Mp3 ---> Sleep Whale - Josh Likes Me

As if those three bands weren't enough for you, you greedy bastards can also see Loxsly assuming you're at the show around 9ish. Don't forget though, this is at Emo's outside stage and it's supposed to rain and be loud so dress appropriately and bring some earplugs. Seriously, no one is too cool to get hearing damage, not even you and you're pretty effing cool.

Loxsly - Lamprey Eels video via YouTube