Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riverboat Gamblers, Ume + More

Did y'all know that the Riverboat Gamblers are going to be playing the Van's Warped Tour this summer? Well, they are but you can catch them this weekend at Austin's own Red 7. In related news, looks like, the Gamblers will be making yet ANOTHER line-up change, with their current drummer parting ways with the band after their San Diego gig. This is not official news, but I happen to know the Gamblers drummer and I know that he is bowing out. Don't worry though, technically there is only one original member left in the band anyway, so I'm sure a line-up change won't have any adverse effects. However, this weekend will be your last chance to catch the band, in Austin, in its current formation. Tickets for Saturday night's show at Red 7 will set you back a cool $10.

Riverboat Gamblers - Victory Lap video via YouTube

I'm almost reluctant to post about Ume again, but I just love them so much and I want you to love them too. I had planned to film them performing last week during one, of their two, free-week gigs but alas I did not. So, that means not only am I writing about Ume again, but I'm posting a video I've posted before. If you're not impressed with them from hearing their songs or seeing these videos don't be put-off it's in their live performance where they really shine.

Ume - Pendulum (Demo) video via YouTube

If these two bad-ass, Austin bands leave you wanting more Austin music fear not for you can also catch Shapes Have Fangs at Red 7. They'll be going on before Ume but after the Altars, whom I know nothing about really.

Shapes Have Fangs - Rattle and Confuse Me video via YouTube