Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sleep Whale Videos

Hey, y'all! I don't know if you've realized this already but I got a Flipcam for Christmas, which means there's now a Bloggy YouTube channel. How cool is that? Obviously, lots have folks have found the videos I shot of Harlem but no one seems to know or care about the videos of Sleep Whale. Now, I'm going to warn you the sound on this video is sub-par I positioned myself directly in front of the speakers to shoot this, so you can hear the kick drum clipping like crazy but I'm a big fan of Sleep Whale and I feel like you should be too. They have purchase-able music available via, my favorite local label, Western Vinyl. You can also find their stuff on iTunes if that's more your style.

Sleep Whale - Skipping Stones video via YouTube

Free Mp3's courtesy of Western Vinyl, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Sleep Whale - Cotton Curls

Free Mp3 ---> Sleep Whale - Josh Likes Me

My impression seeing Sleep Whale live is that they need to tighten up their setup/soundchecking but that could be fixed by not seeing them as the second of four bands on a stage other than Emo's outside. Other than that, the music itself was melodic, textured and generally beautiful. I found myself drawn into the songs. I'm thinking the, new and improved, Parish room would be the ideal spot. Here's the other video I shot of Sleep Whale at Emo's, and again apologies for the clippy sound.

Sleep Whale - Make Another Picture video via YouTube

Also, if you're liking what you hear from Sleep Whale and you still haven't checked out, their label-mates, Balmorhea then you need to get on that shhhh. Balmorhea put out one of my favorite albums from an Austin artist in 2009, All Is Wild, All Is Silent, and seeing them perform live is even more gorgeous than the LP.

It looks like if you live in Austin your next shot to see Balmorhea will be at their record release party on Feb. 19th featuring Damien Jurado at Central Presbytyrian Church. That's right, a church! That's how bad-ass Austin is, that same church is a registered SXSW venue. Last year Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent both haunted the Central Presby. It appears as though tickets for the Balmorhea show are only available in person at End of an Ear or Waterloo Records. Front Gate Tickets does sell tickets for events at Central Presbityrian Church but they don't seem to have this particular event.

Free Mp3's courtesy of Western Vinyl, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Balmorhea - The Winter (Excerpt)

Free Mp3 ---> Balmorhea - Harm and Boon (Excerpt)

Free Mp3 ---> Balmorhea - Truth (Remixed by Helio)

Balmorhea video courtesy of our blood-soaked, bloggy-brethren over at Cannibal Cheerleader. They've been feasting on Balmorhea since their FIRST LP release party.

Balmorhea - San Solomon (Reprise) video via YouTube

Oh, and if you're one of those unfortunate souls living outside of Austin you too can see Balmorhea on tour!