Monday, January 11, 2010

I Missed Free Week

I'm bummed y'all, I went out ONE night of Free Week (last week) and ended up getting strep throat, putting me out of work, out of money and generally out of commission. I tried to keep up with what shows were getting what sorts of reactions from friends and Twitter but it's just not the same y'all. I did get to test out my new Flipcam on the night I did go downtown and it got me pretty excited. It has its limitations, for instance the lighting inside Red 7 was severely lacking, so my video of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth is pretty much a shadow video. I was highly impressed that it captured the sound though. The Lil' Dinos aurally assault you with waves of feedback, distortion, reverb and whatever else they can think of. So, I'm pleased that you can hear the song even if you can't see it. The vids of Harlem at Emo's are easy to see and hear and everything. However, the biggest problem I see is finding a good spot to stand where people won't be annoyed that I'm taping and/or all up in my business bumping into me and shhh.

Here's a new song from Harlem, shot with my Flipcam:

Harlem - Scare You video via YouTube

In no particular order, bands I am really bummed to have missed, last week, include but are not limited to:


Brazos - Tell video via YouTube


Transmography - Heal Thy Fish video via YouTube


Ume - East of Hercules video via YouTube


L.A.X. - Dancin' video via YouTube

Quiet Company

Quiet Company - On Modern Men video via YouTube

La Snacks

La Snacks - Roman Yell video via YouTube

Auto Body

Auto Body - Beauty Bar Snippet video via YouTube

Corto Maltese

Corto Maltese - Providence video via YouTube

Big Mess

Big Mess - Gates of Steel video via YouTube

Like, I said, I'm pretty bummed I missed free week. This list is only a fraction of what was going on downtown as I faded in and out of awareness of time and space. What were some of your favorites?

Did you hear about Sony's new Bloggie Cam?!?! You spelled it wrong Sony, it's Bloggy and I'll take a free one, thank you very much.