Monday, August 24, 2009

Beastie's Out Yeah Yeah Yeah's In

I must say, I'm not entirely surprised to find out that the Yeah Yeah Yeah's have taken over the headlining spot left open by the Beastie Boys for ACL Fest. The Yeah's latest album, It's Blitz! inspires much joy from large masses. Also, they've been playing the festival circuit pretty hard this summer both in the states and abroad. Some of the photos I saw from one of those festivals had Yeah's singer Karen O decked out in some psychedelic, Native-American-type shhh that would have made Bjork jealous. So, obviously the days of the Yeah's pumping out dirty punk in tiny bars has long since passed. Now they can afford much better drugs, which have shown them a shiny, glowing world of pulsing dance riddims. I, for one, think they'll put on a great spectacle of an ACL performance and I look forward to it. I hope they pull off a random Beastie Boys cover song out of respect. I'm thinking anything from Check Your Head could be pretty mind blowing. Stay away from Paul's Boutique though Yeah Yeah Yeah's, that shhh is untouchable!

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Heads Will Roll video via YouTube

In other ACL Festival line-up news, Lily Allen recently bowed out of the fest as well. Leaving a new, smaller hole in the line-up. I say they fill her in with someone who is sort of doing the same thing as Lily just to remind her how quickly she can and will be replaced. Ouch!

Lily Allen - LDN video via YouTube

Don't get it twisted, I love Lily Allen but seriously there have to be like a million bratty English girls who are ready, willing and able to sing about their ex-boyfriend's penises. I'm thinking Kate Nash would be a suitable replacement perhaps?

Kate Nash - Foundations video via YouTube

Did you think I was just gonna say, "Paul's Boutique is untouchable" without including some evidence?

Beastie Boys - Shadrach video via YouTube