Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bat For Lashes/ACL Aftershowthoughts

The Bat For Lashes show at the Parish room is happening tomorrow night. It's sold-out but I thought I'd mention it anyway, since it sort of crept up on me. I had a mini-panic attack when I couldn't find my ticket, which was purchased before Bloggy HQ moved to South Austin. Turns out it was under my cat! Not really, but if I'm looking for the remote that's a pretty good guess.

I told someone at work that I thought Bat For Lashes' music was like a soundtrack to its own movie. They were busy working. Did I mention I randomly shouted this? Sometimes I just need to share things with people even if they have no idea what I'm talking about, ya know?

Bat For Lashes - Horse and I (acoustic) video via YouTube

Non-Bat For Lashes banter below the break.

It wasn't too many posts back that I was himming/hawing re: ACL Fest after-shows. Well, dear reader, today they announced said after-shows in an officially "pre-sale" announcement kind of way. It's difficult to type right now because I'm busy patting myself on the back about my correct guesses. However, I am also punching myself in the crotch because Phoenix is NOT playing an ACL Fest after-show. I have not given up on them yet though, there is always a chance they could play at Waterloo? Or maybe some kid's house party? Maybe? Holler at Bloggy Phoenix we'll find you a spot to play your instruments.

Phoenix - Armistice (Live Acoustic) video via YouTube

Did you know Phoenix used to be the touring band for Air? I effing love Air! The band AND the entity. Stereogum is actually a reference to the song Radio #1 by Air probably from their worst album but also their most "indie/alt/underground/betterthanwhateversongsoralbumsthatyouknowhaveorhavelistenedtobyair". Air will NOT be at ACL Fest this year, but that would be cool and handy since Phoenix is gonna be there.

Air - Kelly Watch the Stars ft. Phoenix video via YouTube

While, I am going off an tangents and such I'd like to OFFICIALLY NOMINATE Cornelius for the Beastie Boys unfortunately-vacant ACLslot. Make it happen internets!

Free Mp3 courtesy of Matador Records, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Cornelius - Point of View Point

Cornelius - Drop video via YouTube

When I used to do radio in college, I played this next song in a set of lost Beatles songs that the Beatles never did.

Cornelius - Chapter 8: Seashore and Horizon video via YouTube