Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogs Go Crazy for FunFunFunFest

Wow, the blogosphere pretty much shut down with the announcement of the FunFunFunFest line-up, today. I'm not gonna really get into it since it was even covered on the big-name national blogs like BrooklynVegan, so chances are you already know who's gonna be there. I just wanted to give props to one of Austin's most over-looked/kick-ass bands, Bankrupt and the Borrowers.

Bankrupt is one of those bands that all the other bands in town go to see, but they haven't really received as much attention/press as some of their audience. I'm thinking FunFunFunFest is really starting to get some national attention this year and hopefully that will mean good things for Bankrupt and the Borrowers

Bankrupt and the Borrowers - I Love You Baby video via YouTube

If you live here in Texas, you'll have plenty of chances to catch Bankrupt and the Borrowers before they hit the Yellow stage for FFFFest. In fact, they're playing Red 7 tomorrow night. How do ya' like that?

Bankrupt and the Borrowers - Holden Caulfield at Age 35 video via another great Austin blog, 'Nites ATX

I hate linking to MySpace, since even Tom won't use it anymore, but that's the best place for you to see all the places where you can catch Bankrupt and the Borrowers in person.

Y'all should really check out that 'Nite ATX blog. Their YouTube channel alone should tell you why.

Bankrupt and the Borrowers - Goddamn Right video via YouTube