Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Local Shows Friday

Well you may, or may not, remember a few weeks back I was musing over Bad Veins well tomorrow is our chance to see them live Austin. They'll be playing Emo's outside stage with a lot of really good local artists as well. I'm not really sure the set order but I know that Built By Snow, The White White Lights, and the Black & White Years will all be performing. I'm guessing White White Lights on first, followed by Built By Snow, then Black & White Years with Bad Veins headlining. This being an Emo's show, the first set will probably be at 10pm. If you're interested, you can check this show out for $5 at the door unless you're a tween, in which case it will be $8 of your parent's money. ;-)

Bad Veins - Gold and Warm video via YouTube

The other big local show I have to mention is the first of two nights with The Sword at the Mohawk. I probably don't have to really explain why this is a big deal to most of you, but trust me it's a pretty big deal. These guys have been playing stadiums, opening for Metallica, drinking with Lars and shhh.

the Sword - Iron Swan video via YouTube

Sorry about the shite audio in the above video. I just wanted to emphasize that the Sword don't really play venues as small as the Mohawk too much these days.

the Sword - Maiden, Mother & Crone video via YouTube

Opening for the Sword Friday will be Ratking and Pack of Wolves. For the Saturday night show at the Mohawk you'll see Fingaar Bangaar and Woodgrain

David DiDonato of Ratking - How To Play the Solo from BYOIED video via YouTube

I'm not, necessarily, into "Metal" or "Angry Music" in general but I'm always a fan of melody and passion, so I'm certainly a fan of The Sword. Although, it's partly just "Hometown-Pride" that makes me a fan. Obviously, the Sword isn't the only face-melting metal band to come from Austin. Which, is pretty much the point of these shows at the 'Hawk. A celebration of melting faces! Melting faces in celebration? Celebratory Face-Melting.

Pack of Wolves - Concession video via YouTube

See, not everything I blog about is wussy and jangly, just most of it.