Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: Bill Callahan's 'Dream River' Boat Show

Sunday evening one of the year's most unique live music experiences was laid forth before an intimate crowd of 70. While slowly drifting down the tranquil waters of Town Lake on a double decker boat, Austin resident and 20+ year Drag City Records veteran Bill Callahan (AKA Smog) performed his new album, Dream River in its entirety.

Bill Callahan - Small Plane video via YouTube

The pensive intensity, foreboding, humanist humor and introspective worldview of his new album matched perfectly with the solemn drift of the boat and the majesty of the setting sun.
And if that wasn't real enough for all you bloggy-ites, I'll go deeper still.
Performing the set interspersed with seldom and awkward banter, Callahan sung through pursed lips with tense gestures, and a quiet intensity that seemed almost anachronistic. As though he may as well have been performing for no one in a dusty saloon a century ago.
Point being that it was a truly special experience to see an artist as honest and natural perform in a setting that matched his style so well.
Worry not though Austinites, if you weren't lucky enough to be on the Boat Show, you should get your ass in gear and grab the new album and grab some FFF fest tickets because Mr. Callahan will be back in his, and our, fair city for some shows that weekend.

Thank you, and good evening

-god1 Jarvis