Friday, September 27, 2013

Savages: ACL Festival Preview 2013

Savages is not just a clever name. These English ladies are snarling, shoe-gazing rockers whose songs build into guitar orgasms accentuated by banshee wails. If you've heard their name and you checked out the album but decided it wasn't for you, you're not getting the full picture. Until you feel the power of Savages in a live setting, you can't truly judge the songs. I did not worship at the church of Savages until I saw them perform at a SXSW day party. From the moment guitars were strapped on until the moment the house music came back on, I was transfixed. This band has "It". Whatever "It" is, you'll feel it in your bones when you see Savages perform at Austin City Limits Festival.

Savages - Shut Up video via YouTube

If you're attending planning to attend ACL Festival this year you will find Savages on the Honda Stage at 1pm Friday. Since that is such an early set time, I know a lot of people won't have the opportunity to have their lives changed by Savages, which disappoints me. Don't worry my friends, Savages are also playing at the Parish on Friday, October 11th. That's the opening night of the second weekend of ACL Fest. Tickets are still available and believe me when I tell you that it is worth the $16 it costs to get in the door.

Savages - I Am Here (live) video via YouTube

Obviously, if you were already planning to go to ACL Festival then you definitely need to see Savages set on the festival grounds but if we're being honest, the Parish show is going to be a better representation of what I love about this band. The think that is so impactful when you see them live is the band's presence and it's the way the sound overwhelms your senses. It feels like your heart is adjusting to the rhythm of the drums and when things get loud it's almost as if you can feel wind come out of the speakers. It's going to be great to hear theses songs echo across Zilker Park but there is something to be said about the feel of an intimate performance.

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