Friday, November 30, 2012

Happenings This Weekend

We're approaching that part of the year when I get particularly lazy. I don't really feel like blogging as much nor do I trek downtown as often but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty for YOU to enjoy. This weekend there are lots of good shows of varying genres for you to attend. Tonight, my top pick for those of you who can attain entry, is the Gary Clark Jr. ACL TV taping. He's a local artist who is blowing up on the national scene and his latest record, Blak and Blu is already topping many year-end lists. I knew he was blowing up when I saw Alicia Keys tweeting about him, sure they are label-mates but that's still pretty cool. Tonight's ACL TV taping is destined to be a landmark event and if you don't have tickets already you can watch the live stream or you can get in the standby line early and hope there is space available.

Gary Clark Jr. - Ain't Messin' Round video via YouTube

If you can't make it to see Gary Clark Jr. tonight I recommend you get over to the Continental Club by 9pm to get some last minute tickets for this evening's Ben Kweller show. This is one of those rare evenings where you'll get the chance to see a big-time Austin performer in a small-scale venue. Tickets are $20 and at this point the only way to get them is at the door. Kweller won't take the stage until 11:30pm but if you aren't in line for tickets before 9pm, you're not getting in. To be honest, I'm pretty shocked that this show isn't sold-out yet.

Tomorrow night's shows are all over the map both physically and musically. I'll start with my top recommendation, which is the Sufjan Stevens Christmas show at Emo's. If I'm being honest, all I really LOVE from Suf is Illinois and I really wish he would stop fucking around with all of these Christmas songs but on the other hand, 'tis the season, which is why this show is my top pick for your Saturday night. Tickets are $20 and I don't really expect this show to sell-out, although I have been surprised in the past.

A VERY CLOSE second in my top picks for Saturday night category is the Talib Kweli show at the Mohawk. I almost made this show my top pick but the Suf show was just more relevant to December. Talib is a solid performer with a solid catalogue and even a casual hip-hop fan is sure to enjoy this event. Tickets for this show sold-out while I was writing. So...hope you got yours.

It takes a very special event for me to recommend you go to the heart of dirty 6th on a Saturday night but I like that David Bazan performing Pedro the Lion's (that's him) Control is one such event. I know lots of emo/hardcore/mopey dudes who credit Control as one of the most important records in their lives and hearing the man himself pull it out of the ashes is sure to be one of the most memorable events of 2012. The bad news is the show is Sold-Out the good news is, now you don't have to go to dirty 6th on a Saturday night! No but in all seriousness, if you're interested in this show you should still head down there I'm SURE people will have spare tickets.

I know, I know, that's two sold-out shows in a row! What am I doing to you!?!? Well, I still have options. Keep things local by heading over to Holy Mountain for the CD Release show from The Couch. Check out the new space, while supporting your local scene. There are no advanced tickets for this event so it's not sold-out, it's only going to cost $5 to get in and they'll have Shiner specials all night long. BOOM!