Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Danse Macabre Revisited

Tomorrow night The Faint return to Austin to perform the album that put them on the map, Danse Macabre. Originally released in the fall of 2001, Danse Macabre is the third album from The Faint but it was the first to capture the attention of a large audience. It's not that it is vastly different from the previous releases, it was just the most honed and hit people's ears at the perfect moment. Mixing elements of goth-rock and dance music it didn't really birth a new musical movement but it certainly shined a lot on to one. Tickets for tomorrow night's show at Emo's are still available and the newly remastered Deluxe Edition of Danse Macabre will most certainly be available for purchase.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide video via YouTube

One could argue that without the release of Danse Macabre a band like Trust might not exist. Lucky for us, they do, they're fucking awesome and they'll be at Emo's tomorrow night as well. You may recall that Trust was just in Austin playing FunFunFun Fest as well as a Nites show at Elysium. For those of you who like dark, gothic, sparse electronics performed by cute boys this is the show for you. The video below was just released last week and is an acoustic, piano version of a song from TRST, which is out now. Based on the popularity of this piano version I wouldn't be surprised if an acoustic version of TRST was released early next year but that is mere conjecture.

Trust - Sulk (Piano Version) video via YouTube