Monday, November 19, 2012

Races with Generationals at the Mohawk

Photo Credit: Brian Sheffield

Tomorrow night's Races show at the Mohawk is an ideal double-bill for me. It's an inside show, which means it starts and ends late but let's face it, most of you won't have to work the rest of the week anyway because your job is way cooler than mine. Races' debut full-length came out around SXSW, which means it was sort of lost in the shuffle but I maintain that Year of the Witch is a shining example of indie-pop in 2012. The fact that this L.A. band was signed to New York label French Kiss Records speaks to how bad-ass they are. I trust, pretty much, any release from French Kiss and they have yet to disappoint me in 2012. Tickets for Tuesday night's show are less than $10 if you buy them now but be forewarned it's going to be crowded in there. Also, for bonus points you should wear whatever Lakers gear you may have.

Races - Lies video via YouTube

As I mentioned above, Tuesday night's show is a fantastic DOUBLE-BILL as Races are currently touring with fellow indie-posters Generationals. You may not recognize their name right away but you will certainly recognize their music from movies, television and commercials. There's a reason they land so many licensing deals and that reason is their superb songwriting.

Generationals' latest release is the Lucky Numbers EP, which you can hear for free on Soundcloud.

Generationals - Yours Forever video via YouTube

Like I said, tomorrow night's show is a late one so nap accordingly. Doors are at 9pm and I wouldn't expect the first act to go on until about 10:15 or 10:30, possibly later. Also, I'm not sure which band will be going on first I THINK they are switching back and forth from city to city but that's just conjecture. On the Mohawk website Generationals are listed first, which usually implies headliner-status. Regardless, you should see both bands because they are both great and if you're a fan of one then you'll be a fan of the other. See you there!